Without balance no sustainability

REDS, Aviso's engine monitoring system, monitors the status, health and efficiency of a running combustion engine, by measuring the torsional vibrations in the engine. It shows the user whether the engine is running in a balanced state. Balance is indispensable for sustainability en environment-friendliness.

REDS: an environment-friendly solution

  • Running the engine in a balanced state increases the life-span of the engine and decreases the amount of fuel used. REDS ensures this balance. Running an engine in a balanced state can decrease fuel consumption by 3 - 8%
  • Using less fuel leads to less Co2, Sox and Nox emissions, thereby less environmental footprint.
  • Engine monitoring enables you to detect deviations in performance and defects in the engine at an early stage. Up to 20 days in advance. This enables the user to take appropriate actions to prevent damages and consequential damages to the engine.

REDS shows amazing results in fuel reduction

We are happy to calculate the expected fuel savings REDS can bring to your business. Please fill in the calculation form and you will receive the results within 24 hours. 


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