A remote vibration monitoring system for industrial applications. It delivers high quality, raw sensor data anywhere in the world for advanced processing and integrations. The system architecture has a low technical and economical footprint and extends the range of machines that can be permanently monitored. To improve maintenance decisions and eliminate the need for manual measurements.

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Any machine

The system eliminates the need for manual vibration measurements, and enables vibration monitoring to a wider range of rotating machinery due to its low financial impact.



The smart architecture adds connectivity to traditional sensor technologies, bypassing expensive infrastructures and enabling remote analysis and integrations.


Better decisions

High quality sensor data, advanced analysis and open integration features provide crucial input for better maintenance decisions.

How it works

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Unique features

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All sensors

The open architecture supports high resolution dynamic and static analog input signals from all major sensor brands.

API* data interface

The processed data is made available through a standard API interface, for easy transfer to control systems or data integration platforms.

Advanced insights

The AVISO platform delivers automated data extractions and first line analysis, and offers a wide range of expert tools for indepth analysis.

* API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API facilitates interfacing directly with third party applications in a fast and safe

Functional features

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  • 2 x High speed precision Analog inputs
    with large input scale;
  • 5 x Low speed sensor Analog inputs,
    current or voltage optional;
  • 2 x Opto Isolated Digital inputs;
  • 4 x Opto Isolated Digital output;
  • 2 x Analog current outputs;
  • 1x SPI port;
  • 1x I2C port;
  • POE Ethernet;
  • 6 status LEDs;
  • 2 user function buttons;
  • USB


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  • Compact design;
  • 119.5mm x 45mm x 101mm;
  • Din Rail Compatible;
  • Transparent lid protection cover.

Connections - Top view

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Connections - Bottom view

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Technical specifications

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High speed analog inputs:

  • +-10V AC range Input;
  • 100kHz Max acquisition speed;
  • Sensor supply capability;

Low speed analog inputs:

  • 1.8V AC/DC range inputs;
  • Current or voltage compatibility;

Analog current outputs:

  • 4 to 20mA configurable;

Digital inputs

  • Optical isolated;
  • 5V to 30V range input;
  • 20mA at 30V;
  • Bipolar input;

Digital outputs:

  • Optical isolated;
  • External supplied reference voltage;
  • 150mA Maximum;

Power supply options:

  • Power Over Ethernet;
  • +24V DC Input, 1A;

SPI port:

  • 3.3V SPI port;

I2C port:

  • 3.3V I2C port;

About Aviso

Aviso develops innovative hardware and software applications for condition monitoring of industrial applications.

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Waardsedijk Oost 21
3417 XJ, Montfoort

T: +31 (0)10-3100724