About us

A company specialized in monitoring systems for industrial applications

Aviso Diagnostics develops measurement instruments and monitoring systems for technical equipment such as engines, pumps and couplings that find their application in the maritime, power generating or offshore-energy industry. Aviso diagnostics is a data-driven organization, founded with the main objective to provide detailed, technical information on which management and operations departments can base their KPI’s and management decisions. Our measurement instruments provide the technical and management information needed, both real-time and historically at any time and place, on any device. We strongly believe that technical innovations cannot be seen apart from the human aspect, therefore we aim to create a highly inspiring working atmosphere.

Vision statement

We want to be the leading company for engine and engine-related monitoring systems. Leading by means of the advanced technique we use to measure as precisely as possible, thereby providing the most in depth and detailed information about the performance of the concerned equipment. We will be known for the top performance and reliability of our monitoring systems and the cost related advantages they bring to our customers.

Mission statement

Our team of technical, mathematical and software experts is continuously improving and developing new monitoring systems. This by following the latest market developments, always having the customer’s perspective and objectives in mind. We deliver software solutions that are user-friendly, therefore also to be interpreted by non-technical stakeholders.

REDS Maritime enables condition based maintenance and engine efficiency monitoring. It allows users to detect deviations at an early stage and take appropriate actions to prevent engine failure and consequential damages.

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