We are happy to announce Franman as our official business partner

We are happy to announce that we have signed an Agency Agreement with Franman. Franman is now our official and designated partner for the Greek market. 

Since 1991, Franman has provided a wide range of services to the shipping industry, focused on shipbuilding equipment, spare parts, ship repairs, service, consulting and security services. Franman is proud to represent more than 130 leading companies from the Shipping industry and serve more than 600 shipping companies annually.

We are delighted that Franman has chosen to represent our 24/7 engine monitoring system REDS and will introduce REDS to their broad customer-base. 

We look forward to succesful cooperation!


About REDS

Aviso’s Engine Monitoring System REDS is a continuous measurement instrument that monitors the status, health and efficiency of a running combustion engine, by measuring the torsional vibrations in the engine. It is designed to measure whether the engine is running in a balanced state by recognizing functional deviations. More information about REDS Maritime.

About Aviso Vibrations

Aviso’s revolutionary sensor-to-web measurement instrument offers the possibility to connect traditional sensor techniques with innovative data platforms - simply put, it is a tool for data mobilization. It makes the best possible signal data available for cheaper online processing and flexible integration.

About Aviso Diagnostics

Aviso Diagnostics develops innovative hardware and software applications for condition monitoring of industrial and maritime applications. Our data platform allows measurement data from our own systems, but also from third party systems, to be collected, analyzed  and visualized. Our systems deliver critical data about the (mechanical) condition of assets, on which our customers can base maintenance decisions and performance measurements. More information about Aviso Diagnostics