Name change Aviso Diagnostics

We are proud to announce that we have changed our company name to Aviso Diagnostics

The Maritime Industry is changing rapidly. The many technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. Complexity on board of vessels is increasing. In the conversations we have with our customers we recognize their growing wish for getting more overview. They want the new technology and the large amounts of data that comes from this technology to be presented clearly. Because only then a proper diagnosis can be made of the state of their assets, and, management can better base her KPI’s and management decisions.

We are developing more and more software applications that serve this purpose. We have also developed an open platform that allows us to connect not only our own data but also data from other sources. Due to this we have decided to change our company name to Aviso Diagnostics. In essence this doesn’t change anything for you as our customer. You can however expect us to develop more innovative software applications that will give you more insight and overview.

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