Rotterdam, April 20, 2017

Boskalis places 24/7 engine monitoring system REDS Maritime on suction dredger Barent Zanen

Dredging company Boskalis is well known in its industry and continuously looking for innovation and process optimization. Boskalis also looks for innovative solutions in the field of maintenance. 'How can you optimize engine maintenance and minimize component failure and ship downtime?' This question lead the company to the egine monitoring system REDS Maritime. The system is succesfully installed on suction dredger Barent Zanen.

REDS Maritime, developed by Aviso Instruments, gives users extensive opportunities to optimize the operational reliability, maintenance and fuel consumption of their piston engines. The benefits of the system are numerous: safety, availability, cost, life span and environment. According to users and experts, REDS Maritime is the next generation of condition based monitoring systems.

Insight into error development, weeks in advance
REDS Maritime is the first engine monitoring system for piston engines that indicates error development weeks or months ahead of time. The system is non-invasive and easy to install on the flywheel, requiring no adjustment to the engine.

REDS Maritime distracts all necessary information by measuring the accelerations and de-accelerations in the engine's flywheel speed: dynamic vibration analysis. The measurement data is collected and processed whereafter the data is graphically displayed on an intuitive screen, in the engine room or on shore. On a PC or on a smartphone. This information gives fleet managers and engine room personnel the opportunity to optimize their marine engines in a responsible way.

Due to the announcement of error development months or weeks in advance, action can be taken to prevent damage to parts, consequential damage and even engine breakdown. Maintenance plans based on the condition of the engine are much more logical and economical than maintenance based on the number of operating hours.

The standard instrumentation installed on every ship gives valuable information but doesn't prevent anything. Alarms are often given when malfunction is already taking place and, unfortunately, already led to damages and/or unsafe situations. The predictive character of REDS Maritime is thus an essential addition to traditional instrumentation on board. Not a replacement.

Preventing unbalance, saving fuel and preventing wear
Boskalis’ objective is to perform motor maintenance on the Barent Zanen based on the engine's condition instead of periodically. Unbalance in the engine not only causes unnecessary fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions, but also causes significant wear. REDS Maritime signalizes imbalance and many other disruptions. Be they small or big. At cruising speed and during maneuvering. Based on this information, the necessary work can be performed to balance and maintain the engine.


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