Aviso Instruments' Hamid Saiah speaks at the Marine Maintenance World Conference 2018

During the Marine Maintenance World Conference 2018 that is going to be held in Amsterdam on June 29th we will speak in detail about the measurement method used in Aviso's Engine Monitoring System REDS. 

Diesel and gas engines diagnosis based on instantaneous angular speed

Continuous monitoring of pistons engines (diesel or gas) performance is critical for early detection of fault developments in an engine before it goes into functional failure. Instantaneous angular speed (IAS) analysis is one of a few non-intrusive condition monitoring techniques that could be applied for such tasks. This method needs only a non-intrusive speed sensor (magnetic or Optel Thevon) signal to assess in detail the mechanical behaviour of an engine and diagnose injection, compression or valve state defaults, and bearings/moving parts damage. The method is able to point out the exact cylinder that is in defect using additional order tracking speed.

For more information about the conference please visit the MMWC website.