Approval in Principle granted by Bureau Veritas

We are very proud to have been granted an Approval in Principle for Aviso's Engine Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance System REDS by Bureau Veritas.

AiP voorblad.JPGAiP certificaat.JPG

General Summary

This approval in principle covers the design of the “Engine monitoring & predictive maintenance system” designed by AVISO Instruments.

REDS is a continuous measuring instrument that monitors the status, health and efficiency of a running combustion engine, by measuring the torsional vibrations in the engine.

Following list shows an overview of what is detectable by REDS, according to manufacturer specification:

  • Presence and importance of fatigue / damage
  • Abnormal valve operation; Regularity in compression in all cylinders and or leakage
  • Defective injectors and/or irregular pressure in all cylinders
  • Abnormal in the compression/relaxation phase; related to pressure head cylinders
  • Instability and damage in bearing/crank/rods
  • Defect in water and fuel pumps
  • Wear and friction
  • Excessive inertia displacement
  • Pinpoint the related cylinder to the defect