We speak at the WISTA International Conference 2017 about the relevance of Big data in the Maritime Industry

From Wednesday October 4th to Friday October 6th, the WISTA International Conference will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, welcoming 290 women in management positions from 32 countries around the world. During the session 'The World of Big Data' our colleague Marije Ruysch-Koster explains how the Maritime Industry can benefit from Big Data to enhance (engine) performance.


Using Big Data to enhance (engine) performance 

It’s amazing to realize that up until this point in time shipping companies, having assets worth millions of dollars on their balance sheets, have had no real factual insight into the status of their assets. No continuous insight into the condition of their ships and its parts. That’s a big risk. It’s of essential importance to have control over the availability of your ships and the safety of your crew. Unexpected downtime is a disaster and costs a lot of money.

The good news is that technological developments and the coming about of the internet of things have brought great possibilities in this area. The collection of data, and the processing and analyzing of this Big Data will really change our industry. Big Data will be used to enhance performance of ships, it will increase productivity, and also increase safety for crew on board.

Funnel Big Data to answer questions that make your business more succesful 

Due to the “Internet of Things” extremely large amounts of data are generated and stored on a daily basis, also on board of ships. We are able to measure so much nowadays that the question is not IF we will be able to gather the data but more about WHAT we are going to do with the collected information.

All the information you need to take action is available. However, if so much data is available to us, can we still figure out what information we actually NEED? How do we make sure that we are not overloaded with lots of data that we can’t put to any use?

How can all the available information help you to reach your goals? How do you incorporate all the things you KNOW into KPI’s, into instructions to crews on board, into ways of making your business more successful? 

These will be the central questions discussed during the presentation held by Marije Ruysch-Koster on Friday October 6th at 09.00 hrs.