We will speak at Europort 2017 about predicting engine failure weeks in advance

From Tuesday November 7th to Friday November 10th, the Europort 2017 exhibition will take place in Rotterdam welcoming more than 30.000 visitors from 40 countries around the world. In the Start-Up Plaza, located in Hall 6 at stand 6.120, our colleagues Marije Ruysch-Koster and Mark Dorsteen will explain how the Maritime Industry can benefit from continuous engine monitoring to predict engine failures weeks in advance. 

Below please find all the times we will be presenting REDS Maritime in the Start-Up Plaza in Hall 6, stand 6.120: 


Using Predictive Maintenance to prevent engine failures 

Monitoring risks far before failure occurs is essential to a safe and efficient operation. It's of critical importance to prevent unpredicted failures and downtime. Predicitive Maintenance is THE tool to prevent unpredicted downtime, reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency in operation.  

Predictive maintenance uitsnede.jpg

Our non-invasive monitoring system REDS Maritime detects disturbances in a very earlier stage. It is a system that continuously measures the dynamic torsional vibrations within the engine. Due to this measurement method, we signalize very early on that the engine isn’t operating fully balanced. So instead of a few days in advance we signalize error development within the engine over three weeks in advance. And because it measures the imbalance in such an early stage it allows for intervention. Thereby solving the imbalance before it turns into a problem.